Our Top Tips to Ensure A Smooth Appointment
  1. For all young babies we recommend trying to arrange appointments at feeding time. We find this proves a successful distraction tool.
  2. Please bring along any favourite toys.
  3. Bring along a change of clothes. All our products should not stain clothing but there is a risk of accidental splashback, especially with wriggly babies. Therefore we ask to bring spare clothes in case required. We also ask that you wear only old clothes to the appointment. This refers to parents/guardians as well as the children.
  4. At no point in the appointment should you or your child feel distressed or in pain. We do not set limitations on our appointments, they are relaxed and informal as possible. We can and will only go at the speed set by the model. As such make sure you do not need to rush off or have other plans you need to get to. Any concerns on this do not hesitate to ask us directly.
  5. We will inform you of how much a deposit is required prior to the appointment, this either needs to be made through paypal in advance or cash or card on the day.