Frequently Asked Questions

How are the 3D Casts taken?
We use high quality alginate which is completely non toxic and safe for all ages and both humans and animals. It requires you to submerge hand/foot into a warm liquid solution which will solidify in 1-2 minutes. Then the hand/foot is carefully removed, the rest is over to us.
How are the 2D Clay Impressions or Outprints taken?
This is a rather simple process. We simply take a impression into very soft clay. Then the rest is over to us.
If I am ordering more than one cast or impression do you just duplicate the one cast?
No unfortunately we have to retake casts for every item ordered.
Is the paint used for pottery painting safe?
The underglazes we use are non toxic. We will provide you with washing facilities to wash the paints off as soon as they are taken. If you have concerns about skin allergies please contact us directly.
How long until I receive the final item?
All items cannot be rushed. All our casts need ample drying time before painting and finishing. Depending on type of cast and size, this stage can take 2-4 weeks. From there we work on the finer details of the casts before assembling. As such we do not guarantee anything less than a 6 week turn around.  Our pottery has a quicker turn around depending on how busy we are. Typically we say a 2 week turn around on products.
What about items purchased through the shop?
All items purchased through our online shop are usually dispatched 1-2 working days after payment is received. All items include Royal Mail 1st Class delivery. If you wish for alternative shipping please contact us prior to purchase.
Will you price match?
Our products use only the highest quality products. Every aspect is bespoke and made for that piece. We put in hard work and time to make sure each piece meets the highest of standards, to deliver a quality piece. As such we cannot reduce our prices, as the prices we have set reflect the level of work we provide.
Is there a minimum age?
Our life casts can be undertaken at any age. Our clay impressions and outprints we recommend not below 8 weeks. Our pottery painting can be performed at all ages. We do however advise that due to the nature of new-borns, we may struggle to get handprints for impressions and painting below 6 months.
When do you require payment?
A 50% deposit is required at the time of booking or at the appointment. The remaining balance is required before final collection of the piece.
What animals can you take casts of?
We can take casts of any animal that will remain still for short periods without causing distress. We do advise contacting us directly about your pet as each animal tends to be very unique.